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Live Audiobook Proofing & Direction

All Live Proofing and Live Proofing/Direction sessions are conducted over either Google Meets, Facebook Messenger, Amazon Chime, or Discord.  If you have a professional Zoom subscription, we can meet through that.

We will begin each session with my camera on (you can as well if you choose) for greetings and to discuss any pressing matters, but for the entire recording session, we will keep our cameras off to maintain focus.

CLICK HERE to email Ri regarding her services

ri  [dot] paige [dot] voice [at] gmail [dot] com

Live Audiobook Proofing consists of me being with you live over a virtual meeting app while you narrate in your booth.  I will have your prepared manuscript in hand and read along with your performance, gently interrupting you in real-time if you make a reading or pronunciation error so it won't be flagged in post-production.  My goal is to ensure you have no pickups!


  • For Live Proofing (without any directorial input/nudges), I charge $20 per session hour (i.e. a 3-hour booth session would cost $60), invoiced and payable upon session completion

  • You dictate the level of proofing you want or need (i.e. Do you want everything "Read-Perfect" or if you word-swap but the sentence still makes sense, do you want to overlook the misread?)

  • I charge $5o for manuscript preparation, due upon booking/scheduling.  I will waive this fee each time any referrals you bring me result in bookings

  • I like to have the manuscript at least 3 days before the first session so I'm familiarized with words and phrases which may need research ahead of time

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In a Live Direction and Proofing session, it is my job to support you, the performer!  Like in a Live Proofing session, I will have prepared your manuscript ahead of time and will be with you live in your booth via a virtual meeting app.  While I will still gently guide you through any reading errors, as a director, I will also help guide your delivery to ensure that you're giving your best performance!  I will help you maintain a connection with the material, point out where you should increase or decrease emotional delivery, ensure your pacing is consistent with the scene and much more!  I will be your Booth Bestie, cheering you on, making sure you maintain self-care, and helping to cultivate your best acting skills.

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  • For Live Direction/Proofing, I charge $3o per session hour, again, invoiced and payable upon session completion.  The proofing aspect works the same as above

  • As a live-directed session, I will help ensure you're staying in character and in the moment, your emotional inflections match the scene, your pacing is consistent with the content, and much more!  I am there for you and will help you work out any issues that might arise during our sessions.

  • I charge $100 for manuscript preparation, due upon booking/scheduling.  I would give you 50% off of this fee for your first booking and each time any referrals you bring me result in bookings

  • For this service, I need the manuscript at least 5 days before our first session so I can make directorial notations ahead of time

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