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Ri Paige
Remote Personal Assistant

To View Ri Paige's Resume, Click Here:


Ri offers the following general services (if you don't see something you need here, just e-mail Ri at: to enquire):

Social Media Management

  • Posting on your or your business' behalf on social media platforms

  • Managing/Moderating Social Media Groups

  • Coordinating and Moderating Live Social Media Events

Marketing Material Design

  • Social Media image design

  • Social Media video design

Newsletter Design and Management

  • Upkeep and design of your newsletter--you tell Ri what topics to cover and include any relevant copy

  • Copywriting is also available


  • Business or personal appointments

Inbox Control

  • Making sure you receive important messages right away

  • Cleaning out any irrelevant spam messages

  • Organizing your messages

  • Updating your contact lists

  • Calendar management

  • Unsubscribing from irrelevant newsletters

Event Management

  • Have an in-person event to plan?  Although Ri will not be able to attend, she can plan it for you!

  • Venue research and booking

  • Sending Invitations and managing RSVP's

  • Hiring entertainment and/or caterers

Personal Financial Management

  • Paying bills

  • Monitoring account balances

  • Confirming direct deposits

  • Organizing tax documents

  • Checking credit scores

Service Rates and
Monthly Packages

Ri's rate is $40 per work hour.  She offers the following tiers:

Tier 1 Monthly-Hour Package:

10 Hours Per Month


Tier 2 Monthly-Hour Package:

15 Hours Per Month


Tier 3 Monthly-Hour Package:

20 Hours Per Month


Tier 4 Monthly-Hour Package:

25 Hours Per Month


Tier 5 Monthly-Hour Package:

30 Hours Per Month


À la Carte:

E-Mail Ri for Details

Please explain in detail the project/work you'd like Ri to complete and your budget/timeline

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