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Are you dreaming of writing a book but need help figuring out where to start?


Look no further than Paige Editorial Ghostwriting Services!


I'll be your friendly and supportive partner in bringing your creative vision to life.


I take a collaborative approach to ghostwriting, working alongside you to ensure your ideas are fully realized and your unique voice shines through in the final product.


Whether you're a seasoned author or new to the writing game, I'm here to provide the personalized guidance and encouragement you need to succeed.


Ready to make your writing dreams a reality? Let Paige Editorial Services help bring your vision to life!


What is your ghostwriting process like?

After a client hires me, there are three phases a project goes through:

  1. Research and Outlining

  2. First Draft

  3. Final Edit


Research and Outlining

I request a writing sample from you, an entire book (if possible), either in .docx or .pdf format. Something as close as possible to the style of the book you want me to write. I will be studying your writing and taking notes.


If you do not provide the outline and character notes, I begin my research and development phase after our initial video conference.


At that point, I can form an outline and create character sheets. I will present you with a detailed outline following the three-act structure for a novel or memoir. I break this up into smaller components, sometimes chapter-by-chapter, so you know all the milestones we'll touch to complete their book.


First Draft

Once we have the outline down, the next step will be for me to write your first draft. We will follow the outline, and you can be a part of the process as much as you'd like!


I prefer to submit the book to an author for review on a chapter-by-chapter basis to ensure I incorporate all author feedback as soon as possible and keep your book within your desired style without straying.


However, I can accommodate you if you're too busy for that. Let me know if you prefer me to complete the first draft before you review it.


Final Edit

When the first draft is complete, and you've submitted all your comments, thoughts, and feedback, I will begin the editing phase. My first step is to complete an internal edit. I will integrate your suggestions, look for continuity and flow issues, and improve transitions. 


Once satisfied with these areas, I will hire an independent editor to correct style and grammar errors. (One should never self-edit for a final draft!) If you have your own editor you'd like to hire for this last edit, my rates for both services are below.


How long does it take for you to ghostwrite a book?

I usually ask for six months to a year. Here's the breakdown of time typically needed:


• Research and Editing: 1-3 months

• First Draft: 4-6 months

• Final Edit: 1-3 months


The time range depends on book length and whether you want me to sub-contract an editor for the final edit.


If you are on a tight deadline, it might be possible for me to work faster, but it will cost more. I could never deliver a quality product in only a few months. Ghostwriting requires some absorption time, and rushing leads to sub-par quality.


If you have a short book to write and well-organized detailed notes, I may be able to cut my time down. In this case, you will have to give me a quick turnaround on your feedback and approvals.

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To ensure your book is developed quickly and as close to what you desire, I always suggest the author provide me with their own detailed character and plot outline. If you don't have the time to do this, I offer these preparation services for you. Rates vary depending on the sub-genre.

You will decide the targeted word count for the title. I will write up a detailed plot outline and provide equally detailed character sheets.  Once they are completed, I will send them to you for your review, and we can schedule a virtual call to discuss any changes you want made. 


Fee: $500.00 (USD)


Fee: $600.00 (USD)


Fee: $600.00 (USD)


Fee: $650.00 (USD)


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Ghostwriting Process and Rates

Once the outline and character sheets are completed and approved, I will request a sample of your writing in .docx or .PDF format for me to study and take notes. This is so I can familiarize myself with your style! Your sample should be the style you want to be emulated for the project you're booking with me.

Before writing begins, a contract will be provided for you to sign, and an estimated 50% retainer will be due to book your timeslot (this will be calculated based on your decided targeted word count)Any NDA you wish me to sign should also be provided at this time.



The rates below vary for reasons ranging from world-building, universal rules, alien languages, etc. Some rates include me sub-contracting the final edits or not (if you have your own editor you'd like to use).


Rate (sub-contractor for final edits): $0.07/word

Rate (no sub-contractor): $0.05/word (USD)


Rate (sub-contractor for final edits):


Rate (no sub-contractor):

$0.058/word (USD)


Rate (sub-contractor for final edits):


Rate (no sub-contractor):

$0.058/word (USD)


Rate (sub-contractor for final edits):


Rate (no sub-contractor):

$0.062/word (USD)


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