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From sassy to sweet, sultry to meek, Ri (pronounced “Ree”) has more than 10 years of experience in voice and stage acting. Ri mixed her passion for acting with her love of reading fiction and discovered her true calling as an audiobook narrator, allowing her to bring to life the stories authors pour their all into creating. She has lent her versatile character voices to multiple media platforms, from audiobooks to live-read podcasts and gaming streams. Ri is a natural alto whose voice ranges from mezzo-soprano to high-tenor, bringing a vast range to character creation. She has been acting since a young age and has taken numerous university-level acting classes in both New York and Southern California.

Aside from her natural General American cadence, Ri is proficient in such dialects as General British (posh), General Southern, New York (City and Long Island), Italian, Greek, and Eastern European.  She is also lingually adept enough to deliver lines in Spanish, Italian and Japanese. 

For independent audiobook productions, Ri coordinates multicast audiobooks and provides samples from other narrators, helping authors choose the right fit for each role, whether it be one additional narrator or ten! She partners with professional proofers and sound engineers to produce studio-quality audiobooks.  Ri also works with a number of fabulous production studios! (See: "Affiliations" to learn more.)


Ri has been coached by some of the best professionals in the business, including Emily Lawrence, Tanya Eby, PJ Ochlan, and Andi Arndt, and she works out of her home studio in Los Angeles, California.


Born and raised on Long Island, NY, Ri has lived in Los Angeles, CA since 2010.  Recovering from her life as a 3D Engineer and Texture Artist in the gaming industry, when Ri is not performing inside her recording booth, she can be found causing trouble with her Patterdale Terrier, Meadow (pictured above!). Always a creative soul, Ri enjoys writing fiction, pushing the limits of her culinary prowess in the kitchen, putting paint to canvas, playing video games (especially RPG's), listening to music, singing, and yes, she still reads to unwind at the end of the day. Ri also loves creating new microbrews to share with friends. She is far too easily bribed with peanut butter and Cadbury Creme Eggs (especially those imported from the UK), for which she remains unapologetic.


Contemporary Romance


Paranormal/Urban Fantasy


Science Fiction


Other Fiction



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"[Ri Paige's] narration was fantastic! The voicing choices perfection, the emotions and state of mind of each of the characters was so clearly conveyed, truly bringing this story to life and making listening an absolutely fabulous experience! I loved it and I want more!"

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