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Audiobook Proofing


What to Expect

I have a keen ear for audiobook performance, and my attention to detail is nearly unmatched!  As a narrator myself, I understand the importance of ensuring the "pickup" process is smooth and as stressless as possible for performers.  As a book editor, I also understand the importance of an author's work being conveyed as accurately as possible.

CLICK HERE to email Ri regarding her services

ri  [dot] paige [dot] voice [at] gmail [dot] com

I will provide samples upon request!

Proofing Tiers


TIER I ($25/PFH)

  • Provide a "Cheat Sheet" spreadsheet indicating the chapter, timestamp, erroneous delivery description (read-error, incorrect character voice, incorrect dialect, etc.), and supply correction for each individual narrator

  • Provide a marked-up PDF of any manuscript pages containing performance errors, the correct lines underlined, timestamped, and the delivery error referenced for each narrator


  • Everything included in TIER I

  • Plus an MP3 of reference audio for each narrator to make it easier for the narrators to match their original performance without having to cue the lines within the entire pre-recorded chapter via supplied timestamp


  • Everything in TIER I and TIER II

  • Plus I will use my live narration direction experience to indicate any directorial polishes that may be needed.  I will cite the following:

    • If the production is a duet or multi-cast and response deliveries do not match up performance-wise with the leading lines, I will indicate the error and suggest a correction

    • If a narrator's delivery falls flat

    • If character voices are too similar within a single scene or chapter and are indecipherable

    • ​And more!
      • All citations will be included within the supplied MP3, on the "Cheat Sheet," and in the marked manuscript


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